Vehicle & Equipment

Bilingarra understands that the provision of personnel and equipment within the required timeframes is critical to our client’s needs. Our clients can rest assured that all vehicles and equipment used on their behalf are fully compliant.

All vehicles within the Bilingarra fleet are fully fitted to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 requirements and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices – Part 3, Traffic Control Devices for Works on Roads. 

Traffic Control Vehicles

All utilities are equipped with:

  • B Class arrow boards
  • LED flashing lights
  • Signage and Traffic Cones for any situation

Safety Signage

The signage at our facility is well-maintained and compliant with industry standards. Regular audits of vehicles ensure that we have enough signs on board each Ute to cater for any situation. You can hire signage for permanent work sites on a long-term basis.

Variable Messaging Signs

Depending on your needs, we are able to provide single-colour or full-colour Variable Messaging Signs (VMS). We can transport the VMS wherever it is needed and can change the wording at any time with our centrally located software.

Bump Truck / Truck mounted Attenuator

Our Bump Trucks are available for hire to ensure your employees’ safety during dangerous highway situations.