Our Vision

To be Australia’s most significant and diverse Indigenous employer in Traffic Management and Ancillary Services. 

Our Mission

To achieve business growth with strong commercial outcomes, that strives for and supports sustainable Indigenous communities and career opportunities across all levels of business for Indigenous people. 

Our Approach

Bilingarra aims to be Australia’s most progressive company providing traffic management and ancillary services to Government, civil infrastructure, and maintenance businesses across our Nation. 

We invest in the communities in which we work.  We identify, train, and sustainably employ local Indigenous women and men through the provision of professional traffic management services. 


Through our traffic management services, Bilingarra supports clients and their projects to achieve their social inclusion and procurement targets.  

Bilingarra Indigenous Services has formed a strategic partnership with the AVADA Group, Australia’s only Publicly listed traffic management company to develop and deliver traffic management projects that benefit not only our organisations but also the Indigenous communities where we work.

This partnership ensures that when a local project finishes, continuing work will be available with one of AVADA’s subsidiary companies in the local region, and opportunities for career growth and mentoring within the larger organisation.